What to Avoid when Selling Probate Real Estate and How to Make it Simple in Fort Worth

Updated: Jan 27

Selling a property in probate is a lot different with selling a property you own. You need to see the warning signs of selling a probate property because it will be a long, difficult, hassle, and one that has lots of unpleasant surprises. To get a good idea on what to expect and how to make it shorter, read our blog on What You Need to Know About the Probate Process, it will definitely help you get an idea on what to expect and what the steps are.

Every state in the US has different probate process. Some maybe more relaxed but others may be more complicated. Avoid delays and additional complications by reading through this article. Be informed!

1. Hiring newbie practicing professionals to represent you during the probate process.

It is not bad at all to accept help from friends or taking recommendations. In this kind of process though, I'm afraid friendships and other relevant relationships would work out. If you want to be able to finish the process as quickly as possible, save yourself from wasting time and money by hiring experienced professionals with proven success rate.

2. Selling the property just because you are the executor of the will.

Just because you are on the will as the executor doesn't give you an immediate right to stick a For-Sale sign in your Fort Worth property. It doesn't work like when you are selling your owned property. First reason is to show respect to the decedent and remind you that a probate process is necessary to not complicate your transaction with the buyer. If you do this and gets the sale but later realize there is a process to follow, it might be a reason why your buyer would lose interest.

Appearing to a probate court should be your number one priority. Until you are appointed by the judge as the administrator of the estate, you should not start any sale processes.

3. Real Estate Disclosure Mishandling

If you are thinking about selling the property that is in Fort Worth, make sure to list down all the repairs that it needs. For a normal real estate transaction, an attorney or a real estate agent can do the inspection. For probate properties, since the executor didn't occupy the home prior to the sale, prior knowledge disclosure may not apply as you as the seller is expected to not know all of the property's details. But don't be too complacent, it can still haunt you in the future through litigation if the buyer presses you for not disclosing all the information. So, better be honest and careful!

4. Disregarding and Abandoning the House for a Long Period of Time

Probate process can be long and complicated in the Fort Worth courts. While going through this, you might forget about checking on the property but mind you, you need to make sure it is well maintained. Abandoning it for a long period of time can create issues which will only increase as your probate process also extends.

You have to make sure you check on the Fort Worth property on a weekly basis if possible to clean it and check any issues that have been acquired during the time you were away.

These are just 4 mistakes you should be looking out when planning to sell your probate property. Make sure you read this through and avoid these mistakes that may take you longer to sell your property. Being informed makes a difference.

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