How to Find a Very Good and Reliable Probate Lawyer in Fort Worth

Updated: Jan 26

How to Find a Very Good and Reliable Probate Lawyer

It can be tough locating a good lawyer in Fort Worth TX. To start.... When somebody dies and you are on the will, the next processes to finally claim ownership of what the decedent has left for you is important. Your initial move should be finding the best people to help you out with going through the probate process. Per our previous article What to Avoid When Selling Probate Real Estate, our number one advice is to make sure to hire only trusted professionals especially a very good probate attorney.

It could be difficult to find one especially when it is your first time dealing with probate process and ultimately clueless about what to to do. Let us help you make sure you make the right move and not complicate your journey through probate process.

Surely you have a financial advisor. He/she can be a very good source of advice when you are trying to find a good probate lawyer in your area. Estate planning is one of your financial advisor's duty keeping you informed and giving you insights about what you will be going through and what your financial goals would be. It goes the same with probate lawyers making sure their clients also have financial advisor to guide them through. These 2 professions return each other's favor by recommending the best financial advisor and financial advisor recommending the best probate lawyer.

But don't stop there. Another professional that can help you out in finding the best probate attorney is your accountant. Since probate process involves income taxes, probate lawyers would need an accountant's help. This is the very reason why surely, your accountant has helped a lawyer previously with probate process. This is another case of the professional recommending the other to their clients.

So much about people who you are having professional relationships with, you can also consult other attorneys you may know. A good lawyer knows another good lawyer. If you have worked with a lawyer before for your business, contract reviewing and others then you should have a good lawyer to ask recommendations from.

If those three options are impossible for you, your local Fort Worth bar association can be of help. Pay the association a visit and ask for a list of attorneys and their practice areas. This can be a difficult and lengthy way. Another downside of it is that you need to pay multiple lawyers a visit which would cost you money on each of them. You need to be extra careful in choosing your probate lawyer to make your probate process much easier and smooth. So if you choose to do this option in getting a good estate lawyer, you have to be crucial.

Advertisements in Fort Worth can also help you. Some professionals have enough budgets for good print and TV advertisement. There are states who allow advertising for lawyers but extra careful about checking their backgrounds and make sure that the attorney applying for the ad pass the the very strict requirement of its state bar association. This step is to alleviate false claims or misleading information on the ad. This could be a good and easier way to get a good probate lawyer. But since this lawyer has paid for ads, it is expected that they could have a higher professional fee as well.

These ways in finding a probate lawyer can be a very good way to help you make the probate process easier. But the options don’t end here.

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